How do you know if you have Psychic Powers?

I came across this article and I thought it would be fun to post.  This is something that I find myself repeating many times during my readings.  This pretty much explains itself, and it is very true.  I tell many of my clients this very thing…  Everyone has some sort of intuition/instinct or whatever they may want to call it.  The thing is, we are not always willing to listen to what it is trying to tell us, or the warnings it is trying to give us.  When in doubt, listen to that voice that is in the back of your mind, it is guiding you in the right direction.  How many times have we asked ourselves, “I should have listened to myself!”  I have even done that…lol  I have found that a lot of my clients if they look deep down inside, may already know the answer, they are just looking for confirmation.  This is not always the case….sometimes things can be too clouded and we just need answers.  Here is the article below, I think you will have fun reading it and  you may find yourself relating a little bit!!

If you ever wondered whether you are one of the lucky people to have psychic powers, here is the clear answer. You are! You do not have just five senses, you have six and do not let anyone tell you otherwise! Eyes are for seeing, ears are for hearing and so on with the skin and nose and mouth… but what about your sixth sense? Yes, it does exist and it is extremely powerful. It has been hidden from you but it is within you, it is an inseparable part of you, just like your eyes or your nose.

All of your senses have their role. These roles are unique and ever needed in our everyday life. We strongly rely on them and trust them to get us through the day unharmed and enriched with new experiences. So what if I told you that your sixth sense is more powerful than all of your other senses put together? Not only can you rely on it to help you in common day to day tasks, it can also help you tap into your unexplored potential that can make you into anything you ever dreamt of being!

Some people call it a hunch, a gut feeling, a small inner voice or an intuition but essentially they are all referring to one and the same thing: your sixth sense. It is an unexplainable feeling of knowing which comes from within. We usually ignore it even though we somehow know that if we don’t, it shows us the best solution for the given challenge.

In some people it is more developed than in others. It is quite common to see this ability more pronounced in people with impaired five senses. It is just like blind people develop more acute hearing and sense of touch. However, the good news is one doesn’t have to poke their eyes out in order to acquire the sixth sense. It is a part of everybody and anybody can learn how to develop it!

So what does this wonderful sixth sense do? Well, in short, it takes care of everything else than what your other five senses are occupied with. In fact, most of the time the five senses are not even aware of all that is going on! The sixth sense collects all the information in your surroundings (and beyond) and within seconds, just like a huge computer, processes data and gives you the output. What is more, the output is ALWAYS CORRECT! It assesses the situation or the challenge or the person or whatever is going on and provides you with the best solution possible. What is meant by that is that it does not always have to be the easiest or least painful solution (even though most commonly it is), but the one that will most certainly help you grow as a person and advance you on your life-journey with the rocket speed. It is a tool that will provide you with the shortcuts in the life labyrinth and assist you in getting as far in your life as possible.

Some people might call this intuition a psychic ability. This might be so, but there is nothing paranormal or unusual about it. Gone are the times when only a chosen few had access to developing of this perfectly natural phenomenon. Once you decide to start using it, the possibilities are limitless. Developing your psychic abilities will help you make life’s most difficult choices. It will guide you through the dark times and encourage you in times of confusion. Look no further. You have the perfect tool in yourself!

You may ask your neighbour for advice, but neighbour does not live your life. They will never be able to make the correct decision for you because they simply do not have all the data of your life. Only you know what is best for you and you know it through your sixth sense. Make sure you make the full use of your unique psychic abilities.

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