Ten ways to know you are getting a great psychic reading!

Ten ways to know you are getting a great psychic reading!

One thing to realize when having psychic readings is that a spiritual energy as opened between you and the psychic reader, so it is important to know your mood and approach can have a effect on the reading just as much as the psychic readers focus and intention. Understanding this will create and allow a stronger and clearer flow of energy from spirit during your psychic reading.

****Before the psychic reading try to meditate and relax, maybe light a candle and some incense.

****Write down your questions on a piece of paper.

****Try not to test the reader, this inevitably creates a block in the flow of energy and information which will be detrimental to your psychic reading.

****Ask the psychic reader what techniques they use in there psychic readings. For example do they use tarot cards or astrology, are the they clairvoyant, clairaudiant, clairsentiant or a medium. Some readers use combinations of these techniques when doing psychic readings for there clients.

****If you have particular areas you require answers on, tell the reader so they can focus them.

****If you don’t understand what is being said or the psychic is going to fast, let the psychic know. This will allow the psychic to slow down and explain what is coming through from spirit in a different way. I know in my case when I am reading and lots of information is coming through I speed up.

****Choose a time when you know you will not be interrupted. If you are using a land line then remember to turn your mobile off or visa versa.

****Be open to different ways of dealing with the issues in your life. A good psychic reading will leave you clearer about whats going on in your life. This will allow you to make the changes that will create balance and harmony and also leave you with a sense of self empowerment.

****Make a note of the answers you get from your psychic reading and maybe plan to focus on them in your meditations.

****Above all else try to enjoy your reading, allow yourself to be nurtured, often psychics readings can be very healing.

3 Responses to “Ten ways to know you are getting a great psychic reading!”

  1. Blissful Blessings Lady AnnMarie,

    My sister Destiny and I sure are enjoying your blog article. It’s a great guide for people as it includes really thoughtful tips for before, during and even after their Psychic Readings to help them get the most out of their experiences.

    We have many clients who consult us on a regular basis; daily, weekly or monthly. Many are clients we work with on energetic alignment, healing and wellness and they’re seeing phenomenal results.

    We’d like to share your wonderful article with our clients, we feel it touches on many important points about psychic intuition and spiritual energy which is a specialty of ours and a favorite focus of our esteemed Inner Circle clientele.

    We appreciate you so much, M’lady, for your service and dedication.

    Be blessed,

    (for myself and my sister Destiny)

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look:) God Bless and I hope this article helps your clients or anyone else that is really seeking the most out of a Psychic Reading.

  2. Thanks for posting this wonderful information. Many people don’t understand what role they have to play in a reading. I’m a psychic too and have been in business for over 25 years. Yes, I hit these stumbling blocks many times with my clients. I try to give them this information BEFORE the reading when they call to make an appointment, so they are ready for more bang for their buck! Again, thank you for posting this. I am sure it will help people seeking readings. Regards, donna

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